Anti Condensation Heaters

Anti Condensation Heaters - also called "cabinet heater" or "enclosure heater" - is used to protect cabinets and electrical panels against condensation due to temperature variations.

Ideal for external cabinets and electrical enclosures, Anti Condensation Heaters are useful when ambient temperature is low and equipment inside cabinet fails to dissipate heat and doesn’t keep the enclosure temperature above the dew point.


touch safe system

Plastic cover

Plastic covering of Anti Condensation Heaters provide protection from accidental contact. So you don’t have to concern about electrical shock. Furthermore, low surface temperature keep safe maintenance operations.

ventilation sistem on Anti Condensation Heaters


Anti Condensation Heaters are equipped with long-life axial fan for evenly distributed air temperature (more information about Compact Fans and Frame Fans are available here

Anti Condensation Heater with plastic cover

Thermal protection

Anti Condensation Heaters have an integrated device that provide protection against overheating situation. Thermal protector for ventilated resistances with high power represents an additional safety from potential risks of overheating.

clip fastening system or cage clamp for 35mm DIN rail

Simple mounting

With clip fastening system (cage clamp) for 35mm DIN rail, it’s easy and simple to mount any Anti Condensation Heater in cabinets or electrical enclosure. Without any tool.

Anti-condensation Heaters: pros and technical specs

One of the main causes of the failures of electrical and electronic equipment is the thermal stress and the consequent formation of condensation (dew point).
To solve this problem, Fandis North America offers a line of heaters for cabinets, electric panels and electrical enclosures.

The H series heaters offer a self-regulating function and are available in two different housings: black anodized aluminum or plastic (with touch safe technology). They are also ready for mounting on 35mm DIN rail.

The H series heaters keep ideal temperature in cabinets and enclosures, for the optimal functioning of electrical devices. They also increase the operational safety by providing an available plastic cover that avoids dangers in case of accidental contact.

H series heaters are available in three different versions:

  • with power cable (5-150W)
  • with free-tool terminal block (45-150W)
  • ventilated with terminal block (45-350W)

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